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My Work

As many of you may know, I am an aspiring I.T. professional. Through some of my learning experiences, I have picked up a few clients and made a few projects. Please take a look around and support my work.

Client web sites
My Web Sites
 Managed Domains
My GitHub & Popular Projects
  • Pi-hole Safe Search
  • AppBlocker
  • Scripts 

For professional inquiries, please email and we can set up a custom solution that works best for you! I offer the following services currently:
  • Web site design, development, and management
    • Managed WordPress, Amazon S3 Bucket Sites, and much more
  • Managed DNS services and administration
    • Cheap domain transfers, renewals, and registrations. GoDaddy, Wix, and others may be too costly. I offer more affordable solutions for my clients because I care!
  • Smaller-scale network setup, security, monitoring, and administration
    • Ubiquiti Networks, Netgear, TP-Link, and other vendors
  • Linux server administration and setup
    • Debian, Ubuntu, on-premises, or cloud...
  • iOS and macOS device repairs
    • Battery (iOS), screens, and other repairs. Cheaper than most repair shops, currently in the process of Apple certifications. 
  • Network hardware installation, cable runs, etc. 
    • For residential customers and non-commercial buildings 
  • The email server hosting for $10/mo. Up to 10GB/100 users
  • Much more! Feel free to reach out! Leave a voicemail or text to +1 (320) 428-0505


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Planefinder Radar–First Thoughts

It all started when I applied for a free ADS-B receiver through Plane Finder, a UK based company that provides real-time flight tracking and statistics. Ever wonder how Plane Finder works? Planes flying overhead send ADS-B signals from takeoff to landing, containing various flight parameters such as speed, altitude, heading and barometric pressure. Receivers on the ground pick up these signals, decode the raw packets, and send them to various flight tracking providers such as Plane Finder, FlightAware, and FlightRadar24. This all happens in real time. But there’s one problem: there are not many receivers around to pick up all the signals from a whole flight, leading to gaps in the information. This is why Plane Finder sent me an ADS-B receiver for better coverage in the St. Cloud Minnesota Area. It took about 3 weeks from first email to shipment. It then took another week to plan and get installed. My thoughts on it? It work’s pretty great. Last night I messaged the St. Cloud Airport …

My CareerONE Experience (First Job)

Well, the time has finally come. CareerONE ended last Thursday (July 25th). It was a pleasure to be apart of a group of like-minded youth, aiming for the same goal, success. I am proud to proclaim that I have completed CareerONE at 100% and earned a full stipend of $1,020. What is CareerONE you may ask? It is a summer program for youth aged 14 to 17, which provides and trains teens with the necessary skills employers look for, as well as life skills. Some of these include FDIC Money Smart, Youth@Work Talking Safety, ACT KeyTrain, a program that helps students to not regress during the summer months, and other necessary skills such as following a dress code, showing up on time, being respectful, being productive, and producing quality work. Most importantly, how to write a resume, fill out a job application, and how to interview properly. Thanks to CentraCare Health, approximately 120 youth were able to experience a mock interview with positive feedback and minor critiquing, so that th…

Check out my GitHub

Hey guys, please check out my GitHub! I code in my free time, and I feel as if I am lost sometimes, but everyone learns at some point.

Best Regards,

Jayke Peters

System.out.println("Hello, World!");